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Clearing Your Mind And Soul Essential Oil Blend

Clearing Your Mind And Soul Essential Oil Blend.


10 drops argan oil
12 drops frankincense oil
5 drops cypress oil

Mix oils together, and store in an oil jar. You can toss in your diffuser or mix a few drops to place in your oil warmer. Either way plug in your device and enjoy the wonderful scent that fills your home.

Warm this oil if you need to focus and pay attention to the task at hand. It is the perfect blend, making you feel relaxed, yet alert and ready to take on whatever challenge you need to face.”

Mom and Dad certainly need to do their part when it comes to staying healthy, and that can be a bit of a challenge when you are busy running errands, working, and minding the children.

Energy, sleep, and relaxation seem to be distant memories in your busy life, but with the help of these essential oils, you are going to get a glimpse of that back. Use these oils in a diffuser, in an oil warmer, or mixed with a carrier oil for the best results, and get ready to feel like you again.

Have you missed those nights when you felt like you could go on forever? Do you miss those mornings when you get up and get right to work, ready to take on the day? If you do, then these are the oils for you.
It doesn’t take long before you see the results of them in your life. Sleeping better, thinking more clearly, and focusing on what you need to do are just the beginning. Soon, you are going to see more energy and better health tag along, too!

“There are mixed opinions on whether or not you should ingest essential oils. Some people say it’s just fine, others swear that it’s toxic and you should avoid it at all costs.

You can make your own decisions, but remember that if you do decide to ingest them, you need to highly dilute the oil you are ingesting, and only take 1 or 2 drops in an entire day. Never consume more than this, and never let children under the age of 18 ingest oils at all.

They are full of wonderful benefits, but they need to be treated the right way, and moderation and respect are 2 of the biggest essentials that come with the use of essential oils.”

Excerpt From: Stevens, Adrienne. “Essential Oils: 120 Amazing Recipes For Your Mind, Body and Soul.”

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Skimmer Baskets | Cleaning And Maintaining Swimming Pools | Hygiene

Skimmer Baskets | Cleaning And Maintaining Swimming Pools | Hygiene.

What is a skimmer basket?

“Skimmer baskets are a quick and easy replacement to ensure optimum function of your pool. The suction line of the skimmer is also used as a way to clean the pool. A hose vacuum or in pool vacuum machine are often hooked up to a skimmer line to clean out small debris like sand, dirt, and some leaves.” Executive Blue Pools

Swimming Pool Replacement Skimmer Basket For Hayward SP1070E B-9 B9 (Full Size)

  • Handle basket replacement
  • Fits Pentair Bermuda gunite and vinyl liner skimmers
  • Measurements are 5-3/16″ Deep x 5-3/4″ Wide (Bottom) x 8-5/16″ Across (Top).

SkimPro V000334370 Skimmer Basket with Tower and Handle

The SP-HP is the most universal basket. Order the SP-HP if you have a Hayward 1070, PacFab, Jacuzzi Deckmate, SwimQuip, Sta-Rite, or American (with the flap weir) skimmers. The dimensions for this basket are 8 7/16″ (width of basket) x 6 1/8″ (height of basket) x 12 15/16″ (height of basket from base to top of tower).

Hayward SPX1082CA Basket Assembly Replacement for Select Hayward Automatic Skimmers

This Basket Assembly is designed to use with Hayward Automatic Skimmers models SP1082, SP1083, SP1084, 1085, 1086, SP1075, 1075T, 1076, 1077. Weighs 5.9-Pound.

Skimmer Basket: Pool Skimmer Basket with Handle: Skimmer Basket Replacement Comes with Handle and 2 Pool Skimmer Socks: Great for Above Ground Pools: Please Check The Size Before Buying

Our skimmer basket replacement is designed for maximum pool filter life and water flow to meet the highest standards. Our pool skimmer basket is made from sturdy plastic for better resistance against brittleness and for long life.

Our filter basket comes with a built-in handle for easy removal. Our replacement skimmer basket comes with measurements: Top Outer Width 6.25″, Bottom Width 3.75″, Height 3″. Our skimmer basket is Ideal for above ground pools. Please measure before purchasing 

Summers is the right time to enjoy pool with your family, but, with that, comes the responsibility to keep it cleaned and maintained at all times. As you know, filter pump does all the cleaning for you, but it’s the skimmer basket that per-filters the debris and floating dirt that you don’t want in your water. 

Now you would ask “What if my skimmer basket is broken or damaged?” The answer to that is “No Problem”. We have got you covered. We would not let your pool filter to be clogged and damaged. Presenting “The Joy Shop Skimmer Basket Replacement”. Replace your damaged skimmer basket with our high-quality skimmer basket. 

CMP Vented Handle FlowSkim Skimmer Basket 27182-300

CMP Vented Handle FlowSkim Skimmer Basket 27182-300

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